• Holiday Launch Party

    This Friday, November 28th come check out what's in store for the holidays! We'll have treats, drinks and deals for ya!

  • Early Scout Terrariums

    With the temperatures dropping I'm already noticing how much more time I'm spending indoors. People always talk about spring cleaning, but I prefer a big clean and redecorate this time of year. I try to make my space the coziest and warmest feeling to try and combat what's going on outside my door. Part of that is incorporating plants and flowers- as the more nature I can bring indoors the better I feel. That's why I was thrilled when I stumbled across the company Early Scout at the Post Market in Toronto.

    I was originally drawn to their table as the two lovely ladies who started the company were old friends from Ryerson. Sharon Langlotz, one half of the team, was on my floor in first-year residence and we had some pretty hilarious coming-of-age moments together. Brittani Wilcox, the other half of Early Scout, is from my hometown and had always been on my radar. I was so excited to see them that day and even more excited when I saw their products.

    These girls make the most lovely little terrariums! Filled with succulents, rocks and magic crystals, they're different than other terrariums I've seen. Each piece they design has a girly flair and combine all the elements so well. Plus, the maintenance is so easy- just pour about a shot glass of water into your terrarium every 3 weeks and you're good! Now that is the type of gardening I can handle!
    These gals are great and I love their product! We're starting out with the small pieces and they retail at $28. I'm thinking these would make an awesome Christmas gift. Because they are such low maintenance they can stay in their box until you're ready to give them as gifts.

    See you soon! Xo

  • Two Years In Hamilton: A Love Story

    This past weekend was a special one for me as it marked the two-year anniversary since I moved back to Hamilton.  I must admit, it feels like it’s been much longer than that and this city feels so much like my home that I can’t imagine living anywhere else! Here’s my story of what I’ve experienced in the past two years, why it was the best decision I could have made and what I’ve learned (with some of my favourite photos of the shop, Hamilton and people I've met). 
    In the late summer and fall of 2012 I had been living in Toronto for six years and had quite a nice life there. All my best friends were there, I had various companies and people I was collaborating with and freelancing for, and was living by myself for the first time in the perfect apartment in the Distillery district. My plans of opening my own shop had gotten more serious that past year or so and along with my Bachelor of Design from Ryerson’s Fashion Communication program I had also completed some small business courses at George Brown. My ideas and thoughts were starting to take shape and I was gearing up to put them into motion. The only thing was that when I thought about opening up in Toronto, it just didn’t seem right. For most people this is because of the higher rents and overwhelming nature of a bigger city. That was part of my reasoning but it was also that the vision I had for the store didn’t match where I was living. Growing up, I lived in a small town and my dad ran a bookshop, where he knew all of his customers.
    I always imagined my own business following this same model- forming personal relationships with my customers and being a part of the community. Though I grew up in the outskirts of Hamilton, I traveled there every day for school from the ages 5 to 16. Most of my thoughts of the City were formed by my dad who had always been heavily involved in the community there.  My parents met at McMaster and I’ll always remember my dad telling me the happiest days of his life were when the two of them were newly married and would bike to Mac together every day. But in terms of more recent opinions of the City, I didn’t have many, except that I kept hearing how much it was changing and improving.
    The biggest factor for my decision to move to Hamilton was the fact that I felt I needed a dramatic change in my life in order to fully focus on my business and put everything into it. Hamilton’s art and design scene was well-known, it was far enough from Toronto but still close enough, and it was where I had family and historical roots. At the time, I was in a relationship, and my partner and I decided to move to Hamilton together to make the transition easier, which was another exciting part of the move! The first few months were hard on me and I was worried I’d made the wrong decision. I kept wondering why I would leave Toronto, where I had such a network and so many connections in the fashion and design world, for a place where I knew close to no one. On top of that, my relationship started coming apart at the seams as we were realizing we wanted different things. All in all, I felt pretty lonely and naïve to think that I could just start up in Hamilton without any connections. 

    But then things started changing. I started meeting with Rob Belchior at the Small Business Enterprise Centre located at City Hall and he really inspired me to just go for it. I stopped pitying myself and set out to make as many connections as possible and get my dream started. And this is when I learned my favourite thing about Hamilton: everyone I met was so friendly, welcoming, supportive and wanted the best for the city. I remember having a moment of revelation about four months after I moved where I was just driving through the City and looking around I realized just how much I loved it, my insides were all warm and gooey and everything just felt right, for the first time in a while.
    Shortly after, my relationship ended and I was positive that this was the end of my life as I knew it. I had been putting more energy in envisioning my life with this person than focusing on what I wanted to accomplish for myself. It all happened with the craziest timing; the day I found my store location is the day I also suffered my first broken heart. The next two weeks I cried the most I think I ever have, while managing to direct my hired contractor on all the renovations that needed to be done. It was such a crazy up-and-down part of my life, but in a weird way, I can’t imagine it any other way. I always say that the pain I went through was so necessary because it allowed me to put all that negative energy into something positive and build something beautiful out of it. And in a hilarious way, it was like I had moved from one serious relationship to the next; my store was now my best friend, my boyfriend, and my baby. It’s cheesy to say, but it’s so true. I’ve always been a believer in everything happening for a reason, and the six months before I opened the store was proof of some higher power telling me everything was going to be ok.
    Fast-forward to now, I’ve been living in this beautiful city for two years, the store has been opened for a year and a half, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s, in fact, hard to believe it’s only been a couple of years based on how completely content and comfortable I feel here, all the wonderful friends and customers I’ve met and how passionate I am about Hamilton. It’s very fulfilling to be doing something that I love all parts of-and to be building something that is such a reflection of myself. I really feel like I’ve put my heart and soul into Girl on the Wing and I can’t tell you how rewarding it feels to have such an amazing customer base and support system around me. I’ve learned from everything I’ve done and have been so lucky to meet countless amazing and inspirational people while doing it.
    I got the idea for this little blog post/diary entry last Monday, the night of the Municipal election. This was the first election I’d taken part in since moving here and it was one that I was very excited about. There were two candidates I felt really personally invested in and excited about that had amazing ideas for the future of Hamilton. I tried to get involved and help spread the word on these candidates and open up the discussion of voting to my friends, customers and acquaintances. Come election night, I was feeling so emotional. I think because it helped me realize just how much I do love this City. Though some results were favourable, and some weren’t, I was very humbled by the amazing people surrounding me who feel the same way about Hamilton.
    I’m floored by the generosity and civic engagement of so many people I’ve met here and it just goes to show there is so much in store for Hamilton’s future. At the end of the night, two of my closest friends and I went for a long drive around all parts of the City- the beautiful historic streets of Dundas, the vast fields of rural Flamborough, and the vibrant city streets of downtown. We all felt warm and giddy about our love for the city- and it’s a love that keeps growing every day. 

    After two years, I’m happy to say Hamilton is and will forever be my home. Thank you to everyone I’ve met who has been a part of my store life, personal life or community life. I love you all!

  • Happy Halloween: Batter Up!

    I love Halloween for so many different reasons. First and foremost, I love coming up with cute costumes that incorporate vintage. So many of my style inspirations come from books, movies, and culture and Halloween is the perfect time to reference these parts of you. I also love seeing people's creative sides come out in their costumes and seeing how they bring their ideas to real-life! Plus you get to eat lots of treats and dance to the monster mash- so who couldn't love it right?


    Every year I try and come up with a couple costumes to span over a few days- something to wear to work the day of, and then a different costume for each Halloween party. I've always loved costuming and was even interested and involved in the field of costume styling, before opening the shop. For me, it's about finding the right pieces and putting them together in a cute and stylish way. Some of my best inspirations have come from vintage costume books- where outfits were handmade and adorable. 
    One of my favourite books is called "Easy-to-Make Colouful Costumes" and it was put out by the Dennison Crepe Paper Company in 1952. I picked this up in my antiquing and love how sweet all the costume ideas are. 

    I just love how costumes were so pure back then, not like today's lingerie and a pair of animal ears trend! 

    For this year's costumes, I decided to keep things sweet and vintage inspired. Yesterday, employee Haley and I dressed up like some yummy edibles. She was an adorable sprinkle donut. Her dress was one of my finds from my trip to Arizona in September and it matched the plush donut she had (her boyfriend won it for her at a carnival- amazingly cute no?). Granted, her peripheral vision was a bit affected by the donut, but she looked adorable! :)

    I went as a strawberry and just wore one of my favourite red dresses and added some paper seeds. Haley helped me fashion up an adorable headpiece from a vintage beret and costruction paper to make the strawberry leaves. All in all, it came together in five minutes and was cute and comfortable! I must say we went together really nicely- all pink and red and yummy! It was such a fun day in shop and reminded me of Halloween at school where everything just felt more fun because you were in a costume and eating candy. 

    Today's costume was inspired by one of the all-time greatest chick flick, A League of Their Own. I love this movie because it brings together my favourite things; vintage styles (set in the late 1940's), lots of Hollywood babes (Geena Davis is just a stunner), vintage sports imagery and Tom Hanks! The movie is loosely based on a real women's baseball team, The Rockford Peaches, who were part of the first All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. I'm sure most of you have seen it and if not- go do it right now! And remember, there's no crying in baseball!


    Have a happy and fun Halloween! 


  • Girl About Town: Molly Hayes

    We’re excited to present a new monthly blog feature starring our favourite Hamilton women who are doing great things… and looking good while they do them! Through the shop I’ve met so many amazing and strong women that love what they do and are contributing to the growth and betterment of this fine city. It’s truly admirable to see someone putting their talents and passions into something that they love doing, and because ‘girl on the wing’ is a reflection of it’s amazing customer base, it’s time we highlight some of these gals!

    This month’s ‘girl about town’ is the wonderful Molly Hayes. I first met Molly in the shop, but had already heard so much about her. Known for her work as a reporter for the Hamilton Spectator, she’s a true inspiration to young women based on how much she has accomplished thus far. Growing up in Hamilton, Molly was excited to move to Toronto to study journalism at Ryerson. Before she had even graduated she was offered a job at the Spec and decided to return to Hamilton. She’s been happy to see how much the city has progressed in the last few years and shares her favourite places to hang out, her first memories of style and what you can find in her closet.


    What are your favourite things to do and places to be in Hamilton?
    Going for a bike ride and picnic along the waterfront. Ideally with a new book- I’ve been getting mine from Bryan Prince, or the Hamilton Public Library, since I was a kid. Coffee and writing sessions at one of our many awesome coffee shops, Mulberry is an old favourite. Shows at the Casbah or This Ain’t Hollywood. I’m pretty useless in the kitchen so I like going out for dinner- Naroma, Brad Bar, Bronzie’s, the Ship and Rapscallion are my local haunts. Cheap Tuesday movies at Jackson Square, the list goes on…

    What inspires you- both in your personal and professional life?
    People, mostly. The best part of my job is that I get to meet new people all the time. It’s like a constant epiphany—always learning about new things from new perspectives. This city is so full of characters; there is no shortage of stories. There’s also nothing like a good book/podcast to remind me why I love journalism and writing.

    How would you describe your style?
    Hmm…I aim to wear something clean everyday. Haha.

    What are some of your earliest fashion memories?
    I had a lot of cousins so I wore a lot of hand-me-downs as a kid. Pretty much anything that came from my older cousins seemed instantly cool to me. I remember inheriting a pair of blue Modrobes (as well as a fleecy red pair…oh yeah) and I thought they were the coolest thing. Thankfully there’s no photo evidence.

    What is your go-to outfit for fall?
    Well today I am wearing a sweater of my boyfriend’s that I shrunk in the dryer (score) and boots. I pretty much wear a variation of this every single day in the fall. Mostly I just thank god I can finally put away the sunscreen.

    What has been your favourite piece you’ve found at Girl on the Wing?
    Levi’s jeans! I have been wearing the exact same type of jeans for years so I was excited to find out you’re carrying them right downtown. Lesson learned: the day you buy and break in new skinny jeans is not the day to also order Rolly Rocket’s for dinner to the newsroom.

    What She’s Wearing:

    High-Rise skinny jeans by Levi’s (available at Girl on the Wing)
    Frye boots
    Button down shirt and (shrunken) sweater from Club Monaco
    Pleather jacket from TopShop
    Bag and Earrings by Crownland Goods (designed by Amy Kenny, a fellow Hamilton Spectator writer!)

    This is the epitome of a cute and classic look for fall...thanks to Molly for sharing her thoughts and teaching us a valuable lesson about breaking in your high-rise Levi’s (save your Rolly Rocket’s bbq feast for another day!). I look forward to seeing where this girl goes and Hamilton is lucky to have her! Keep an eye out for our next "girl about town" post- coming next month! 

  • Ursa Major Plus-Size Vintage

    We’re so excited to announce a new collaboration with Ursa Major +, an online shop that specializes in plus-size vintage. Ursa Major + is the brainchild of Amarina Norris, a Fashion Design grad and avid vintage-hunter. I’ve known Amarina for years and have always admired her style and enthusiasm for body-positive culture and fashion. Ursa Major + responds to the need for plus-size clothing, especially when it comes to vintage shopping. Because not everyone has the time to scour numerous vintage and thrift shops to find that perfect item in their size, Amarina does all the searching for you!

    In her own words: “I love body and beauty diversity and am so passionate about what is happening in the world of plus right now.  Women are connecting and talking about fashion and body image and I am so thrilled to mark my small place in the movement.  I have been plus size most of my life and have seen all of the judgmental looks and heard all of the criticisms about my body and other women's bodies.  Ursa Major+ is my way of taking that energy and putting it towards something that makes women feel good about themselves.”

    You may recognize the company name as we’ve been selling her handmade jewelry in shop since we opened. Talking with Amarina we came up with the idea to host a pop-up of her Ursa Major + collection in the shop to bring some of her amazing pieces to Hamilton. You can expect great pieces from denim, skirts, sweaters, tops, and more in sizes 16+. We’ll be launching the collection at our Fall Collection Shopping Party this Friday from 6-9pm. See you there!

  • Behind the Scenes: Fall 2014 Lookbook

    After a weekend full of turkey, friends, and fall hikes, I was excited to shoot the store’s Fall Lookbook as I was feeling more inspired than ever about the changing season. I was especially excited for this shoot because for the first time in Girl on the Wing history, it featured a team of exclusively Hamilton women. I love this city more and more every day and it was great to work with so many talented people! For this season’s lookbook I was inspired by a rich fall colour palette, lush greenery, cozy yet glamorous looks, and the little joys of everyday life. We shot at Low Key Studios which is housed in the Empire Times building on King William. I love this location and it served as the perfect backdrop to the various scenes and ideas we all had in our head.

    Katie Harrison Benfey and Christoph Benfey run their studio out of the space and have such an inspiring workspace. Katie was our wonderful photographer and she did such a good job at capturing the mood I was hoping for. With such a calming presence, Katie was able to capture the perfect image in only a few clicks. She has such a beautiful vision within all her work and makes every moment way more beautiful that I could ever imagine! I originally met Katie as a customer in the shop and was so happy to get the chance to work with her.

    The woman behind the lush greenery and romantic floral arrangements of this shoot was the lovely Jessica Hunter. We also met through the shop and have been talking about collaborating for as long as I’ve known her so it was great to finally be able to do it! Jessica Hunter is the founder or A Fine Medley, where she specializes in floral and event styling, which is set to be launched within the next few months. She is so incredibly knowledgeable about plants and flowers and did such a beautiful job in creating different scenes that complimented the clothing just perfectly. Her Instagram is one of my favourites to follow as everything she touches turns into beauty! @jessicahhunter

    Justine McKnight was the hair and makeup artist for the shoot and she was such a joy to work with! She focused on a simple, clean makeup look with the perfect merlot fall lip colour. For hair, she did a classic Old Hollywood side part and loose waves, which was both dramatic, yet feminine. Later on, she continued the side part and created a cute and fun mod-inspired high ponytail. Not only was she a complete professional but she also has such a sweet demeanor that made her one of my favourite makeup artists I’ve had the chance to work with.

    Our beautiful model was Ailish Kennelly. I met Ailish through the shop and instantly wanted her to model for the store one day. This was her first photoshoot and everyone on the team found that extremely hard to believe. She had such a quiet confidence on set and her stoic posing suited the mood and looks perfectly. This girl is far more than just a beauty and is currently studying International Development at University of Guelph. She’s definitely the epitome of the perfect Girl on the Wing: kind, intelligent, quirky, stylish, wise beyond her years and has a quiet grace about her.

    As always, styled by me.

    Can’t wait to unveil the beautiful shots this Friday at our Fall Collection Shopping Party! We'll have the first look at our fall collection, including the vintage pieces from the shoot, treats and drinks, special deals and lots of fun! Hope to see you there. Friday October 17th 6-9pm.



  • Fallspiration: Maison Kitsuné

    I'm loving this FW14 collection from Kitsuné and it's simple, yet quirky fall looks. I've always been heavily-inspired by the french; whether the music, the films or the amazing fashion brands and Kitsuné is a cool company because it brings all these variables together. A record-label and fashion house, the company is known for their classic designs with a fun edge. I specifically love this collection's lookbook with it's muisc motifs, pop colours and vintage feel. We're currently putting our Fall Lookbook together to debut at our Fall Launch on October 17th and these looks are giving me lots of inspiration! My favourite fall pieces are all covered here: high-waisted jeans, cute retro jackets, pullover sweaters, crisp collars, masculine-inspired trousers, oxford shoes and varsity jackets. We already have lots of great fall pieces in shop and you can expect even more over the coming weeks. See you soon!





  • Levi's now in shop!

    This fall we wanted to focus on bringing you guys some quality basics and classic pieces. When it comes to denim, no other company holds the same weight to a vintage-lover than Levi's.

    While we've been stocking the store with 70's and 80's high-waisted 501s for some time, it's always a challenge to find them in multiple sizes. So we're excited to announce that we will now be carrying new Levi's! We will still be focused on the vintage and retro fits but they'll be available in sizes 26-32.

    The Levi Strauss company has been around since the mid 1800's and while it's evolved drastically in that time, their cuts and styles always remain true to their classic designs. I love my Levi's because they go with everything and the iconic back stitching and label are a wardrobe staple. 

    We'll be starting off with their high-waisted skinny jean in dark indigo and black. This style is flattering on all body types and allows for crops, tucked-in blouses or a classic tshirt. Available in sizes 26-32, $84 a pair. 


    And come spring keep an eye out for a modern take on the classic 501's and a boyfriend style!

  • Closed for Vacation Aug 25-Sept 1

    Hi lovelies, just a note that we will be closed from August 25th-September 1st as I take a much-needed summer vacation! You may remember last year I went to Arizona and I'm excited to be going back. This will be my 6th visit to the state and it's really become like a second home to me.

    The landscape is just so dramatically different than what we're used to, the stars are a hundred times brighter and the shopping...well that's my favourite part! I'll be picking up lots of stuff for the shop so keep an eye out over the coming weeks for some extra special vintage! 

    Last year my friend Rebecca posed in some of my favourite finds from the trip (which some of you were lucky enough to score upon my return)

    I'll see you when I get back and can't wait to share my goodies with you all! Follow my trip on Instagram @girlonthewinghamilton