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Creative Patch Winners


Maria Pineros @mari_nomiddlename

Nominated By: Tori Marko

I met Maria (Mari) when I was 9 years old, through her younger sister, Cristina. Mari was 15, and her family had just immigrated to Canada from Colombia. For as long as I can remember, Mari was always hard at work when I’d come over to visit Cristina. The walls of her study and bedroom were covered in her art and collages she’d cut from magazines, and she was always working on her latest project. It has been incredible to watch her grow as an artist and create artwork that is vibrant, captivating, and tells a story.

I am so inspired by Mari. Not only is her art beautiful, but she deliberately accepts projects that aim to inspire social change. These projects have involved working with organizations that address food insecurity, housing for at-risk youth, and poverty in Central America. She is incredibly passionate about her work. I am nominating her for the “Creative Patch” award because I think her art deserves to be seen by a wider audience!


OTHER WINNERS: (in no particular order)


Sarah Fabrizi

Nominated by: Natalie S

Sarah is an incredible artist who is currently a full time student who still manages to squeeze in the time to create beautiful art. She specializes in scenic landscapes and realistic pet portrait paintings. I believe she should be recognized for her rare talent, especially during these trying times. She is quite humble and I don't think she knows how incredible she really is. This award would be an opportunity for her to finally see the inspiration she brings with her paintings.


Olivia Peto (Brouwer) @olivetreeonthemount

Nominated by: Em N

Olivia has grown as a painter and creator over the 10+ years I have known her. She started in tradional painting, and has used her talents to show others how she perceives the world being parcially blind. She has evolved her creations to be more inclusive for people with visual impairment. She has indegrated brail and weaving into her creations to create more of a textured and feeling experience. She has focused her talents on creating an inclusive art environment that shows that art isn't just visual. It has been amazing to see as she has developed such a unique art experience.


Irene Casellano @thecastlerose

Nominated by: Jess A

Their work is so bright + bubbly (and a little snarky) which is SO needed in these difficult times. I think it deserves much more recognition and praise.



Chantelle Tinney @badjanet_band

Nominated by: Stephanie C

Hamilton-based Chantelle and her husband Christian recorded music every day for the first 100 days of the pandemic! They posted cover songs daily to IGTV. They also collaborated with their friends and bandmates virtually to record full band songs with music videos. They band members are spread throughout Southern Ontario, and they had plans to perform shows and record together this summer. Rather than let the pandemic stop them, they poured their creative energy in to virtual collaborations. Their "Song a day to keep the blues away" helped us stay connected throughout the worst days of the first wave, and brightened spirits far and wide, with thousands of views on YouTube and IGTV.



Jasmine Foster @shopfumeofsighs

Nominated by: Emerald M

I've known Jasmine for five years and we met while working at Coles in LimeRidge Mall. I had just moved to Hamilton and had no friends in the area. We worked together during the Christmas season and slowly became friends. As time went on, we started to grow into ourselves. Jasmine completed her English degree at Brock University and then completed a Librarian Technician online course (all while working full-time at two jobs). She now has a permanent part-time job at the library (so proud of her!) and has been a part of numerous community initiatives. This is where she discovered her creative side. At the library she was in charge of various programs for children, including story time! As a POC, she has advocated for more diversity in children's books and started highlighting stories that include BIPOC through the library and social media. This year, because of COVID-19, she has had to release her creative energy into another outlet. Recently, she has started a small business in creating ceramics while blending her interests in English literature. With the momentum and powerful presence of the BLM movement, Jasmine has used her emotions to create something simple and elegant, despite the anger and sadness she feels. I want to nominate her in this category because Jasmine is one of the most brave, creative, selfless, and beautiful people that I have the absolute honour of knowing. Her business has a small following and I would love for her to be recognized for her creative work and efforts. She is truly a ray of sunshine in this scary, confusing, and unprecedented time. Thank you for considering Jasmine!



Gillian Bochenek @gillianbochart

Nominated by: Stephanie B

She has been creating art her whole life. Over the years I've seen her abilities grow and her style become her own as she incorporated her interests for nature into her art. She offered 100% of the money from the sale of her sugarglider prints to help bring relief to the places affected by the Australian fire too. That offer is still going. If I could fit more of her art in my suite I'd get more, but as it is my walls are covered with her drawings and paintings. I even have one of her taxadermied mice on my shelf. She works hard to create things for herself and others to enjoy and be inspired by, though I know it's been hard for her to be recognized throughout the art community (and beyond). Even in her disappointments she keeps creating and learning about why she creates (because she loves it). I think it'd be nice for her to get some recognition for her abilities though.



Phoebe Taylor @okayshoe

Nominated by: Marin H, Betta P, Michelle C, Emily M

1. Phoebe is a bright light in our creative community. She has pushed through the hurdles 2020 has brought to begin her business, Okay Shoe, creating space and opportunities for other creatives in our community. She thrives on the funky, is incredibly kind, and actively speaks up in the name of social issues and human rights. Her art is inspiring and fun, and she is always doing her best to make our community a better, brighter place to live. Phoebe frequently amplifies the voices of others and celebrates all forms of creativity, so I nominate her for this Creative Patch as an unbelievably deserved award!


2. I am nominating Phoebe for this award because of the work she has done with OkayShoe. I feel that she is deserving of this award because she has turned her art practice into a community practice as well! To explain, Phoebe started doing Okay Hangs via OkayShoe (her art + mindfulness platform) as a way to connect with other humans during a contactless period of our lives, Phoebe used her creativity to bring the community together in a no rules, no restrictions art space and it truly has been one of the highlights of my quarantine. I must also say that Phoebe has been dedicated to using her privilege and her art to spread the wealth and the knowledge so that everyone can have equitable opportunities. It has been so awesome to see Phoebe do her thing and I think she is very deserving of this award!


3. Phoebe has created a really beautiful and accessible community through Okay Shoe. Her oracle deck is amazing and I just feel like she deserves all the recognition for barreling into the unknown and doing art the way SHE wants to do art. I find it really inspiring and it makes me feel like I (even though I don't always feel like I'm a 'creative' person) can make art just for myself and reap the benefits. I feel so inspired watching her create, and I just feel like a beaming proud friend watching her do her thing with such resilience. Art IS for everybody, and Phoebe really embodies and shares that.



4. I first met Phoebe at Goodbodyfeel movement studio last summer, where I naively never expected to meet such sweet people! Phoebe's art practice (via okayshoe studio)--grounded in sliding scale, accessibility, community, neutral affirmations, and low-barrier creation--is something I support and am in total awe of. I have never considered myself an artist, especially not a visual one, but nevertheless Phoebe assures me that I am. Especially this year, we all need validations and the space to create, and I am so grateful that Phoebe's offerings grant me both, in community with others. Her dedication to radically reimagining how we think about art, wellness, movement, and affirmation are deeply deserving of recognition. Her art makes me feel okay--and what a gift that is right now.



Bea Macapagal   @bmacapagal

Nominated by: Jenna G, Whitney M

1. Bea is an incredible creative who's amazing talent making films shines so brightly. Whether directing, producing, writing or set design, she excels in all. I have been humbly brought on to work for her on a few of films, and she is a wonderful leader with an amazing eye for design. Her eye for detail it top notch and her style is unmatched. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with such an inspiring and creative person, and she inspires me to push my own creative boundaries.Her award winning short film "Norah and Poppy" was both written and directed by Bea. It is such a lovely and touching piece and I was lucky enough to see the screening at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival. Locally, it screened in the short film program for the AGH Film Festival.I have so much love and appreciation for her and everything she creates. She is such an inspirational person!


2. Bea deserves this award for her amazingly unique creative spirit. In an industry dominated with men, Bea has carved out her own niche is the world of film. She is a woman of many talents and has worked in pretty much every role in film; from writing, to directing, to recently becoming sought out for her production design on network productions, she brings a sharp eye to all that she creates. On top of that, she is such a joy to be around and makes everyone around her feel worthwhile and accepted. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her at the AGH Film Festival and she inspired me to be my best creative self, always supports the ideas and visions of those around her, and would do anything for the betterment of her friends and family. I think what makes her most unique is that she works extremely hard and absolutely loves it- and the fact that she is able to bring her visions to life. Equal parts creative visionary and hardworking badass get-it-done babe.. I am so proud of her for making her first short film and screening it at the REEL Asian Film Festival. When all the directors had a chance to speak to the audience, it was so clear to me, watching her up there on the microphone that she is a bonaide star and creative genius and I can’t wait to see all that she creates in her life. She is an advocate for strong women in film and representation in the film industry.



Steffi Arkilander @ steffipaints

Nominated by: Fran O

Steffi is such a kind person and a talented artist! They're just beginning their work as an artist, and they don't have a lot of confidence in their art yet. I think they are so incredibly talented and such a lovely human and they deserve all the joy in the world. <3 They are constantly trying out new art forms and experimenting with different styles, and they're so enthusiastic about learning and growing as an artist. I thought nominating them for this patch would be a wonderful first step in helping them to see their work the way I see it, and encouraging them to continue.



Tara-Lynn Morrison @good_night_day

Nominated by: Lauren C-C

Amazing knit wear designer! Community minded! Beautiful designs she shares her patterns for!


Lisa Pijuan-Nomura @girlcancreate

Nominated by: Sonny D

Lisa has dedicated her life to the arts and supporting local artists. She organizes Mighty Brave, an art show for young artists where they can display their work and make money. She’s a multidisciplinary creator and just seriously kicks ass.



Kelsey Burns @tooblueceramics

Nominated by: Charlotte G

I think they deserve this award because of the thoughtfulness and care that they put into each artistic project put at hands. A true creative wizard! I reached out to Kelsey about a very personal project, also giving her free reigns in a short amount of time. She not only was professional with her communication and detail, but I can't emphasize the care and acute musing she put into the work of the ceramic vase. 




Noinated by: Brennan D

Hand written notes beautiful packaging incredibly supportive a beautiful mind


Nathan Carson @ nathanecarson

Nominated by: Kristin A

Nathan is a prolific visual artist! We connected right from the first time we met and I felt such an incredible energy about him. I enjoyed writing about his beautiful 2017 solo show "May You Always See the Light." Nathan has such a special eye - I love his bold colours, the animals and people he paints. He injects so much love into everything he does, and he has a killer taste for music! We often communicate just by messaging each other song recommendations, not even having to say anything. I would love to see Nathan celebrated!


Ariel Bader-Shamai @ariel.tif @softserve_pillows

Nominated by: Sahra S

Ariel is constantly crafting whether she is making artisanal loafs or weaving and sewing beautiful textiles. And those beautiful pillows am i right!!! Not only is Ariel a hip creative, she is meticulous about detail and care! She is creative in making but also creative in thinking by inspiring collaboration and leaning into "we would all be better off if everyone had a moment to shine. that way we shine together like the stars we were already destined to be!"


Ailish Corbett @ailishcreates.

Nominated by: Melriva M

Ailish is an artist and musician from Hamilton. Ailish is a hard working person, and is the most creative person I know. She's an established artist, and has always been creatively inclined. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in both Fine Art and Music from McMaster. She even recently earned a teaching degree! There is absolutely no doubt that she is a smart person. Ailish's fun, quirky light shines bright through her work. Her point-of-view is unique, and it shows in her pieces. Her art is abstract, and she includes mixed media, like craft pieces, sequins, or even googley eyes. The inspiration for her art comes from multiple places such as science fiction. She can take the weird and wonderful things in life and turn them into fine art. When Ailish creates, she has her sweet tuxedo cat, Mary, accompanying her! She has been a resident at The Cotton Factory, and has been apart of gallery showings as well. Ailish is also kind. When I moved to Montréal last year, I commissioned her to create a piece that felt like a piece of home in a city far away from home so she created a piece of art that included fabric from her old clothing. Ailish's artistry extends beyond just one medium, as she is also a printmaker and crochets. As a musician, not only can Ailish play classical music on viola, violiin and keys, but she even brings her skills to different genres: she's a violinist/vocalist/keys in Hamilton folk rock band Athanase. She's worked with Alex Whorms Band as well! She's performed with Alex Whorms Band at the Festival of Friends in 2018! Ailish also plays viola and piano, and teaches lessons. More recently, Ailish, alongside Alex Whorms, composed a score for the film "How to Impeach a President"--a Canadian film shot right here in Hamilton! Ailish is an artist who is well-rounded, bright, and full of character. When you meet her, you will see how bold she is and her amiable, fun, and warm demeanour. No matter where she will go and what project she will embark on, she will bring her own flair and zest for life.


Dawn Cordeiro @sundaycereal

Nominated by: Michelle C

MY SISTER! She just SELF TAUGHT herself (now that's a terrible sentence.....) how to create stop motion animations and I'm so impressed with her. She is the kind of person who can just pick up a skill, decide she wants to master it, and then work really hard to do so (outside of her 9-5!). It feels really exciting to see Dawn come into her skills like this, and she's starting to grow her repertoire of work within this realm and I'm so proud of her. UGH. Plus the animations are SO CUTE and make you feel warm and fuzzy watching them. So so so so excited to see where this takes her, even if she keeps it as a personal hobby, I want her to feel really proud of herself for it.


Nagham Azzam @ naghamazzam

Nominated by: Ilda A

Nagham is a young mom of twin boys, they are almost two:)   Nagham is amazingly creative and artistic when it comes to planning events for her boys and her family.   She does everything handmade, from building the boys a pumpkin patch stand for them to sell their goodies, to making a banner and sign outside her house thanking and acknowledging first responders and health workers in the battle agains COVID-19. She bakes her own pies, and cookies, and makes the most amazing meals! She is an artist "Jack of all trades". Oh and did I mention that she also refurbished her own kitchen table and chairs, as well as painting her house and building a decor wall in her kitchen!!! TRUST ME! she's amazing!


Jude Phillips @ PhillipsArtDesign

Nominated by: Melanie M

Jude Phillips (he/him) is an amazing creative with an equally amazing heart. He is a non-binary illustrator and painter who is inspired by nature and all of the furry and feathered friends found sharing this Earth with us. Jude also paints custom pet portraits for people all over Canada! In 2019 he graduated from the Sheridan College Illustration program and until March (when COVID-19 found its way into Canada) he was working with a company called Smile Zone, where he and a small team of artists would help to ‘flip’ children’s hospital wings by painting huge murals to make hospitals less scary and a little bit more fun for the children at the hospitals. However, because of the pandemic, Smile Zone could not continue their in-hospital work. Jude has taken this time working from home to paint the things that truly inspire him, these include brightly colored birds, foxes, rabbits and so many other animals. He is also in the process of creating a series of bee paintings called “Oh Honey” and has already completed so many beautiful bee paintings. They are absolutely stunning and his considerate and careful attention to detail is truly astonishing! It really is amazing to see him work with such detail with such a teeny tiny little paint brush! (The bee paintings are some of my favourites!) Jude usually can be found at makers market, art fairs, and little pop up shops throughout Southern Ontario, however, all of these events that he had booked this year were cancelled due to the pandemic. Jude’s art company is called Phillips Art Design and is a small business that deserves to be boosted in the community and shown to absolutely everyone! I mean who doesn’t need more animal art in their life?? Jude has paintings and prints of all sizes available and loves to do customer work! Jude honestly could be the winner of the friendship patch as well. When he isnt painting and working with clients he is spending time with friends, family, and furry friends that he loves so much. He is also the best dad to a super cute and spunky wiener dog named Bandit! Jude is caring and so kind and I cherish this person and everything he puts out into the world. This year has been really hard for everybody, especially artists of all kinds. This award would mean so much to him and would help get him the exposure and business that he so truly deserves. Thank you for creating this opportunity and for reading this nomination!


Emma Krentz

Nominated by: Siobhan T

Emma deserves this award because she is a full-time student who has taken it upon herself to craft earrings from polymer clay and donate all profits to Hamilton based charities. Emma started her work in September and has raised $1700 for SACHA and Body Brave!


Émilie Guérin @e.rose_audio

Nominated by: Charelle SA

Émile Guérin has been my friend for over 10 years. Even though we don’t see each other that often because of school and work, she is the best friend anyone could ask for. She is caring, understanding and always there for me on my darkest days. She helps me see the world in new ways and is an absolute joy of a person to be around. She is also immensely talented and she just finished her studies to work in the music industry. She writes amazing songs and I know that she has a lot of potential. Before Émile found her passion, she wasn’t always that motivated and she was a little lost in the world, but now, I’ve never seen anyone more passionate and hardworking. She is amazing at piano, guitar, ukulele, and the bass. She is also a visual artist on her spare time and is a great photographer. I know she will achieve great things.


Charelle St. Aubin

Nominated by: Émilie G

This woman is insanely creatively talented with nearly any medium you put in front of her. She has incredible ideas because of her rarity. These qualities can be shown through her insane artworks that she has posted on instagram, and through her endless desire to learn and be better. She has only ever improved.


Haylie Maria Dittrich photosbyhaylie

Nominated by: Sterling H

Using her creativity to start projects highlighting powerful and creative women who deserve recognition!