• Ursa Major Plus-Size Vintage

    We’re so excited to announce a new collaboration with Ursa Major +, an online shop that specializes in plus-size vintage. Ursa Major + is the brainchild of Amarina Norris, a Fashion Design grad and avid vintage-hunter. I’ve known Amarina for years and have always admired her style and enthusiasm for body-positive culture and fashion. Ursa Major + responds to the need for plus-size clothing, especially when it comes to vintage shopping. Because not everyone has the time to scour numerous vintage and thrift shops to find that perfect item in their size, Amarina does all the searching for you!

    In her own words: “I love body and beauty diversity and am so passionate about what is happening in the world of plus right now.  Women are connecting and talking about fashion and body image and I am so thrilled to mark my small place in the movement.  I have been plus size most of my life and have seen all of the judgmental looks and heard all of the criticisms about my body and other women's bodies.  Ursa Major+ is my way of taking that energy and putting it towards something that makes women feel good about themselves.”

    You may recognize the company name as we’ve been selling her handmade jewelry in shop since we opened. Talking with Amarina we came up with the idea to host a pop-up of her Ursa Major + collection in the shop to bring some of her amazing pieces to Hamilton. You can expect great pieces from denim, skirts, sweaters, tops, and more in sizes 16+. We’ll be launching the collection at our Fall Collection Shopping Party this Friday from 6-9pm. See you there!

  • Designer Spotlight: Amarina Norris of Hibou Accessories/ Ursa Major

    They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but what about pyrite...quartz...chinese crystal? Or how about reclaimed vintage materials? If I had my choice, I'd pick precious gemstones and unique vintage detailing over carats! This is one of the reasons I love Hibou Accessories so much; they add a luxe touch to any outfit without breaking the bank and are always conversation-pieces. I met Hibou designer Amarina Norris years ago and we've had an amazing friendship heavily rooted in our mutual love for vintage clothing, kitty cats, unique style, nostalgia, dance parties and lady-stuff. So when I was ready to open up Girl on the Wing I couldn't wait to ask her for some of her beautiful jewelry to sell! 

    Each piece is carefully handcrafted by Amarina herself at her Toronto east-end studio and feature vintage materials mixed with high-quality gems and metals. I would describe her pieces as simple, yet interesting. Classic, yet trendy. Feminine, yet strong. 

    Like most designers, Amarina has an impressive background and resume that have prepared her for total fashion industry takeover! Trained in Fashion Design, Amarina specialized in plus-size fashion and while working for years in retail she decided she wanted to dedicate her energy to improving the attitudes towards plus-size shopping. As an inspiring advocate for real-not-ideal beauty standards and positive body image, Amarina first made waves with her fashion blog that showcased her own style and confidence. After gaining an impressive following, she decided to take many of her passions and put them together into one business. In July 2013, Amarina opened Ursa Major, an online vintage plus-size clothing shop. Her pieces are all amazing, affordable, unique and sizes 14 and up. She also uses the site to sell her handmade jewelry. 

    We're so happy to have her work in the shop, not only because it's beautiful and well-made, but because Amarina is a successful and inspiring female entrepreneur. Check out some of her pieces we have in shop and be sure to come by and see them in person! We are loving her recent move into hand-embroidered necklaces and her ever-evolving gem collections.