• Gift Guide: Canadiana

    Some classic Canadian holiday gifts for your true patriot:





    Vintage wool plaid blazer ($45), Set of 3 vintage Canada 1967 glasses ($16), Set of 3 vintage Canada shot glasses ($12), Vintage plaid circle skirt ($34), Vintage wool blankets ($60-75), Hansel from Basel wool tights ($36-38), 2568 Leather Boots ($75), Vintage Canadian Map screenprint by Smash ($40).

    Terry and Deaner would approve!

  • black magic woman

    With the fall season upon us and the spooky times just beginning, I've been craving some hocus pocus in my life. I've always loved witchy style and black magic fashion and love this time of year for trying out some darker looks.

    At the shop we're feeling very inspired and longing for layers of black in different textures, big brimmed hats and cozy tights with little ankle booties.

    On a pop culture note, the new season of American Horror Story has started and this time it's all about witches. Best moment so far was when the "Supreme" witch Jessica Lange tells them all to put on something black and they all emerge with floppy black hats, shades and the moodiest outfits.

    Check out some visual inspirations here and keep an eye out for our Witchy window display, which will be unveiled for our Fall Launch party this Friday. 

    P.S. Need a halloween costume? Be a high-fashion witch! No need for a fake nose or green makeup...just deck yourself out in black, get some dark lipstick and cast moody glances at everyone all night long.