• Designer Spotlight: Depeapa

    A few months before I opened the shop I found a pull-out poster from an old issue of Frankie Magazine and put it up in my office. It was an illustration of a bearded sailor and i loved the style it was drawn in. It wasn't until later when i was racking my brain for designer's work to carry that I looked up above my computer screen and thought about tracking down the artist behind him. This is what lead me to Depeapa. 

    Based out of Granada, Spain, Depeapa is the work of Veronica de Arriba and is a collection of beautiful objects from illustrations, tote bags, accessories, tea towels and other housewares. Her style is eclectic and classic and she favours neutral tones with pops of colour. 

    Her images and marketing materials are all beautifully photographed by her boyfriend and give her line that extra bit of wonder. I could peruse her Instagram for hours.

    We're a huge fan of her Terrestre necklaces which are composed in all natural stone and wood materials. They are very simple but add the perfect touch to any outfit. 

    We carry three styles in the Terrestre necklaces. 

    We also have a few of her adorable pocket mirrors with girl illustrations.

    And a few totes and string backpacks in the famous bearded man, floral garden and geometric mountain.



  • In the Bag

    We're happy to introduce a new line of bags in the shop from Brooklyn just in time for Back to School: Baggu! I've been a fan of this line for a few years and love the simplicity in each of their well-designed pieces. The backpacks and everyday bags are made from a thick recycled cotton canvas and are noted for being strong, durable and cute cute cute! We've also got some of the Reusable shoppers in as well in the adorable "Shelter" print. Check out the styles and colours we have in shop!

    Reusable Shopping Bag- $10



    Canvas Backpack in Black, Chestnut and Forest- $45


    Duck Bag in Poppy- $26



  • Summer Lovin'

    we're getting into the summer zone these days and snatching up some perfect spring/summer transitional pieces. every girl needs the classic little denim jacket that can take their summer dress into the cool evenings. I've always loved the power of denim and how it never goes out of style and looks amazing with anything. we've also got some unique vintage straw hats that take your look to the next level and cover up any bad-hair day (i was guilty of this one on the weekend). check out our weekly picks, with a hint of nautical style!

    depeapa sailor tote ($24), vintage denim jacket ($45), saltwater sandals in sailor red ($64), rifle notebook set ($18).