• Kumbaya

    This Friday we'll be hosting a special summer event with awesome deals on clothing, treats and tunes...all for a good cause!

    We recently heard from a group that runs a non-for-profit girls empowerment camp in Dunville, called Camp Stella Puella. Their goal is simple: provide fun and encouraging summer programs for girls grades 5-9, with a strong focus on self-esteem and social action. Each summer they take applications for less-fortunate campers seeking scholarships to attend camp. The camp starts this upcoming Sunday and there are still a few girls, located in Hamilton, on the waiting list for sponsorships. Help us get them there!

    We'll be running a fundraising bake sale on Friday from 6-9 in shop, and after 9 at the Art Crawl, located outside of Hawk and Sparrow (126 James St N). 

    And now some nostalgic camp photos to remind us of the power and magic of camp, friendship, and summer!


  • Camp Fire Girl

    When I was growing up, the only thing I knew about Girl Scouts came from my favourite movie Troop Beverly Hills. I think that's where my overly romanticised view of all things wilderness, camping and badge-collecting came from. Now I know jewelry appraisal isn't a real scout-approved skill, but the other things that Shelly Long taught those girls will stick with me forever: always believe in yourself, be true to your friends and don't be afraid to look your cutest out in the woods. 


    Gearing up for our next window and I'm feeling inspired by all things camp! Can't wait to put all these inspirations into a new display in perfect timing for the end of the summer and prime campfire slumber party season! Check out some of my favourite inspirations and keep an eye out over the next little while for a new window!


    and don't miss our KUMBAYA themed shopping party this Friday from 6-9pm. Stop by on your way to the Art Crawl, we'll have awesome deals on vintage, s'more treats, the usual dance party tunes and lots more fun in store!