• Saltwater Sandals: Classic

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    The best summer shoe that ever was! This is the "classic" fit, slightly different to the Original with a narrower top srap, with an adjustable buckle on both the top strap and around the ankle. On top of being adorable, they're super comfy (great for walking around the city all day), fully waterproof (hanging at the splash pad or sitting on a dock), and come in an array of beautiful colours. SERIOUSLY these shoes are amazing and we stand behind them 100%. We've been selling them since 2013 and have only received the most positive of reviews.

    *please note, saltwater sizing is a bit different than what we're used to. so to make it easy, we are listing them with US sizing. when you receive your pair- you may notice the number on the bottom of the shoe to be smaller than your normal size. It's best to go with your usual shoe size- and to size down if you're a half size.
    EX. Women's Size 8= Saltwater Size 6. Select Size 8 at checkout!

    These should feel tight hen you first put them on. The leather will expand with wear and your foot will shift slightly forward as the straps widen. The best way to break them in is to put them on your feet, then get your feet in the sandals wet (I usually do this in my bathtub). Walk around and feel them expand! More directions inside each shoe box.


    • 100% waterproof (you can even swim in them! throw them in the washer too!)
    • exclusive colour bonding process means the colour will not wear off like other sandals
    • crafted with a Littleway stitched leather sole, extra-thick high grade leather upper and solid brass buckles
  • Saltwater Sandals: Classic
  • Saltwater Sandals: Classic
  • Saltwater Sandals: Classic

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