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Puddle Stomper

Just when we think we're set for sunny weather, we get a day like today. Grey, damp and cool. The best way to combat these gloomy days is with a cute little rain outfit (followed by an old movie marathon)! We have some cute and cozy raincoats, puddle jumping boots and umbrellas perfect for singing in the rain! Plus some Holly Golightly-inspired trench coats. So get in your coziest sweater, pull up those rainboots, put that hair in a bun and come on by for some lovely little things! (*Warning: anyone with a cozy bed and cat or two may find it EXTREMELY difficult to leave house on a day like today. It's ok, we completely understand.)

our rainy day picks: Out of Print tote bag ($22), Stay Home Pennant ($12), Vintage Umbrella ($14), Rain Booties ($34) and Reversible Vintage Rain Coat ($34)


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