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Sweet Spring Finds

This past weekend was made up of all my favourite things: good friends, good finds, good food and good times. The past few months I was quite busy with different events and things happening at the store. I love these times because I get to work on so many different things and work with all types of amazing people. But sometimes I need a weekend to get back to basics and step away from the shop a bit. Owning a business has so many amazing sides to it, but after you've been doing it for a while, like anything, it starts to become a routine. It often takes me stepping back to remember why I started Girl on the Wing in the first place. For years before the shop, I was collecting (err…hoarding) old stuff. Every weekend you'd find me at my local antique market or scouring thrift stores. It was, and still is, my favourite thing to do…in the world. This past weekend felt like the beginning of the summer antiquing season and I'm excited to share some of my favourite finds!

Saturday I was in Guelph fulfilling some maid-of-honour duties for my best friend's wedding, happening this summer. We took a little trip downtown to check out the shop Outpost Vintage and Thrift. Owned by the lovely Carolyn Fielding, I first found out about this shop when she followed GOTW on instagram. I was excited to check out her stuff in person and was so happy to see her cute little shop. She had everything displayed so nicely and had such a great selection of pieces. Her store was bright and fun and I scored an awesome vintage team shirt. I always love seeing how other shopowners display their stuff and enjoy experiencing their styles and finds. This gal has such an amazing eye and Outpost is a definite must-visit next time you're around the Guelph area.

On Sunday, my antiquing partner-in-crime, Chelsea, and I headed to our favourite Aberfoyle Antique Market. Chelsea and I met just over a year ago at last year's Vintage Marketplace, which is hard to believe, cause we've already become so close. We are pretty much neighbours, each have such a love for anything vintage, both have two kitties, are from the same hometown and are addicted to 50's and 60's style. It isn't odd for us to both spot the same exact thing from across a crowded room- but luckily for us, we (rarely) have to fight over who gets to buy it. There's nothing more fun to me then a day with this gal, scoring adorable, girly finds, chowing down on burgers and ice cream, and having giggle fits. She truly is the Betty to my Wilma. Anyways, we were excited to hit up Aberfoyle and get our summer antiquing underway. 
It was such a perfect day- the sun was out, there was a perfect breeze, and because it is still early in the season, it wasn't overrun with people yet. I of course found a million things I wanted, and felt so inspired. There's nothing that makes me feel more like myself then these days surrounded by old stuff and beautiful illustrations of the past. As always, Chelsea was modest with her buying, picking up an adorable 70's Playboy ashtray. I, on the other hand, stocked up on some of my favourite things: patches, knick-knacks, costume pieces and more!
I had two things that were my absolute favourite finds of the day. The first was a little creamer jug from the 1960's by designer Turi. I collect these pieces and buy them anytime I find one. These are from Norway and I am a sucker for anything Scandinavian. I actually started my love for these designs when I was on a trip to Scandinavia before opening the shop and I hope to one day own the entire collection!
And then the piece de resistance was this beautiful hand-emboridered 1937 Coronation pillow. Two of my favourite things to find are anything regal or illustrated, and this pillow merges both of those! I just love the way it looks and it's so beautifully made. All the colours are hand painted and there is the sweetest, most delicate, embroidery around the edges. 

Another special shout-out goes to this amazing captains hat with the embroidered name "Ismailia".

All in all, I had a great weekend of getting back to my roots. Girl on the Wing encompasses all of my loves and I look forward to countless more antiquing adventures! Also had the loveliest weekend soundtrack provided by this sweet man:



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