• Loly in the Sky

    We are so excited to announce a new line of shoes we are now carrying: Loly in the Sky. Designed and manufactured in Mexico City by talented shoe designer and all-around cutie, Lorena Vasquez, these flats add a little fun and wonder to your everyday wardrobe!


    Inspired by all things lovely, feminine and quirky, the line of shoes are made from natural materials handpicked in Mexico and lovingly screen-printed with various cute designs. What I love most about the shoes is how they are light as a feather making them a perfect travel shoe- either for day-to-day or faraway journeys. 

    We picked four styles that we thought were perfect for fall and have a range of sizes available! I'm already planning all the cute fall outfits I'm going to wear with each of these pairs!

    Abril, Erika, Carla and Fernanda. $42/pair

    Available exclusively at Girl on the Wing

  • The Great HeadScarf

     So I haven't seen it yet...but with the release of the Great Gatsby we've been stocking the cutest vintage scarves, perfect for wearing on your head, just like Daisy Buchanan. 

    I've always loved the way a headscarf can dramatically change your look. Such a simple way to stand out. There's many ways you can tie them; some of my favourites below, modeled on the lovely Trish. 

    For fans of the classic book we also have some Great Gatsby tees, totes and notebooks! 

    "I'm p-p-paralyzed with happiness"- Daisy Buchanan